RewardsMate is all about rewarding you for your opinion, time and effort. Once you confirm your membership, we send you survey opportunities on a regular basis. Each survey that you complete, gets you points to be exchanged (upon accumulation) for exciting rewards.

Another way to collect points is to keep your profile updated by completing the profiler questions. Profilers are simply short questions that help us understand your background a bit better. With each profiler that you finish, we can better select the type of surveys that are best suited for you. More importantly, by keeping these profilers up-to-date, we can send you more surveys in the future. And remember, more surveys = more points.


Your opinion, your rewards! You have accumulated enough points? Great! Go ahead & redeem them for some amazing rewards.

RewardsMate has 4 redemption request deadlines every month: that is the last day of each week. At the following day, we will immediately pool all request and process them. Please allow a couple of days of request handling.

In case of gift vouchers, arrival date might vary from 3-4 weeks. We apologize for the mentioned delay.

Our Rewards section:

  • PayPal, one of the most prominent online payment systems
  • Earn cash with us & spend them your way, all through PayPal
  • One voucher, more choices, more gifts
  • Ticket Max™ is a great online Rewards and Incentives which can be exchanged for your choice of giftsfrom popular brands such as Robinsons, Cold Storage, Golden Village, McDonald’s and many more, anytime, anywhere.
  • The largest supermarket chain in Singapore, with a network of more than 240 outlets
  • NTUC FairPrice with its multiple retail formats serves the various needs and interests of people from all walks of life

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